Ensuring A Good Night’s Sleep With A Proper Pillow


Even though most people think that a good night’s sleep depends solely on the bed and the mattress, it also heavily depends on the proper pillow. A worn out and flattened pillow can greatly affect your neck and make it quite hard for your body to rest and relax properly. A good pillow should perfectly suit your preferred sleeping positions, your mattress, as well as body contours.

There is a lot of options when it comes to pillows. However, to ensure a quality sleep, you will have to choose carefully to get the perfect pillow.

Standard pillows usually raise your head, thus leaving your neck unsupported and sagging. In turn, this usually leads to a headache and a stiff neck. If you have a very firm mattress, go with a thicker pillow, otherwise, pick a thinner pillow.

Sleeping positions

22lgriuIf you prefer to sleep on your stomach, you should find a quality flat pillow. Having no pillow at all can also help some stomach sleepers as well. A thinner pillow will suit you the best if you are a back sleeper. Lastly, if you prefer to sleep on your side, a thicker pillow will be your best option.

Types of pillows

If you look for something more luxurious, feather pillows should be your pick. They are highly durable, easily washable and can have a long lifespan if maintained properly. Synthetic pillows are also easily washable. Also, they are also non-allergenic, and they can provide firmer support. If you are looking for something more natural, you should keep an eye for wool and cotton pillows. These are highly appreciated for their breathability and absorbent capabilities. Last, but not least, you should also consider buckwheat hull pillows, which are also fairly breathable, firm and natural.

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How often should you replace your pillow?

Many people usually wake up with sore backs, headaches, and stiff necks, simply because they tend to forget about changing their pillows. Ideally, you should replace your pillow every two years.

Once you notice that your pillow starts getting hard, bunching up or staying too flat, you should consider replacing it. If you are still unsure as to whether you should replace your pillow or not, try out the following method.

Fold the pillow and place a shoe on top of it. If you notice your pillow springing back and the shoe falling off, you should not replace it just yet. However, if the shoe stays put, that is an indication that you need a new pillow.

Pillows for traveling

33lkityoiIf you go to different places, you will need a quality pillow with you. Such a pillow should be light and convenient enough to carry, but also capable of providing the necessary neck support. For this purpose, you can go with an inflatable pillow, which is very easy to pack and lightweight.

You can also go with a buckwheat hull pillow, which is somewhat heavier than the inflatable one but offers more support to the neck. Lastly, look for a pillow that features a washable, removable cover.